Maximize Team Productivity

Ryver Enterprise

Why You Need
Ryver Enterprise

Using multiple apps plus email to communicate with a productive team is difficult, complex, and expensive.

Ryver Enterprise makes optimizing your team’s collaboration easy, simple, and affordable by organizing it all in one app, including workflow automation powered by Ryver’s proprietary Active Response Technology™ (ART).

Organize Your Team Collaboration

Group Messaging
Chat with your team anytime.

  • Unlimited Chat & Topics
  • Unlimited File Sharing
  • Unlimited Conversation Searching

Task Management
Turn conversations into action.

  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Unlimited Team & Personal Task Boards
  • Specify detail in Tasks with Checklists, Tags, & Assignments

Voice & Video Calls
Talk with any teammate in Ryver.

  • Unlimited Calls
  • Crisp, clear audio and video (including screen sharing)
  • Join any call in 1 click

Optimize Your Business Processes

Workflow Automation
Automate everyday business processes.

  • Notify teammates, assign Tasks, & deliver information to other apps lightning-fast using Ryver’s Active Response Technology™ (ART)
  • Free your teammates to do more
  • Reduce human error in complex tasks

Single Sign-On (SSO)
Simplify logging into Ryver.

  • Login with your existing Active Directory or SAML-based Google G-Suite, Okta, & OnePassword credentials
  • Strengthen regulation compliance
  • Reduce password reset requests

Premium Support
Get immediate help when you need it.

  • Utilize phone, email, & chat-based direct support when you need it
  • Receive 1-on-1 help setting up Ryver
  • Test in a dedicated sandbox

Active Response Technology™ (ART)

Ryver’s proprietary Active Response Technology™ (ART™) eliminates error-prone, slow human response time and replaces it with a powerful, automated event response collaboration system. Anytime a predetermined event occurs, follow-up instructions and task assignments are automatically delivered to everyone who needs to know within seconds.

Integrate with Your Other Tools

Access Ryver on Any Device

“We are a high-tech company with hundreds of people scattered around the globe. For the first time since starting the company, I feel like we’re actually communicating and information is all in one place. This has created less meetings, reduced internal email by over 75%, and most importantly people feel up-to-date company-wide. I can’t recommend Ryver enough.”


“Ryver has quickly replaced Slack and has gone on to become the most popular tool for communicating at Efficio, with over 300 users and counting. Its simple task management and reliable teleconferencing facilities have made it indispensable. New features keep on coming, and their support team are exceptionally responsive.”


“In 2016, Dignity Health launched a strategic initiative to transform the patient and provider experience. The effort involved over 200 staff across 5 states plus 100 external team members from 9 vendors and partners. Ryver had a profoundly positive impact on our ability to communicate and collaborate while eliminating email-jail. Ryver enabled transparent and horizontal information flow. As the accountable executive, I would not have had as clear visibility into our activities without Ryver nor would I have been able to support my team as effectively.”


“Thanks to the Ryver team for their top class service, training and continued support. Ryver is the best communications plus task management application I have personally used. Highly recommended!”


Ryver Enterprise Pricing

Ryver Enterprise

Starting at


 Workflow Engine

 Single Sign-On (SSO)

 Premium Support

 Advanced Team Management

Testing Sandbox

Unlimited Chat

Unlimited Tasks

Unlimited Teams

Unlimited File Sharing

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Voice & Video Calls

Unlimited Webhook Integrations

Personal & Team Task Boards

Enhanced Data Security