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In 2016, Dignity Health launched a strategic initiative to transform the patient and provider experience. The effort involved over 200 staff across 5 states plus 100 external team members from 9 vendors and partners. Ryver had a profoundly positive impact on our ability to communicate and collaborate while eliminating email-jail. Ryver enabled transparent and horizontal information flow. As the accountable executive, I would not have had as clear visibility into our activities without Ryver nor would I have been able to support my team as effectively.”

Shez Partovi, MD, CM
Dignity Health

Dignity Health is the fifth largest health system in the nation and the largest hospital provider in California.

“Ryver allows our team of writers from all over the world to communicate in all kinds of kick-ass ways… I could not do what I do without it.”

Chris Gore, Film Threat

“Dude, I f***ing love the task management in this platform!”

Arash Marzban, Head of Product
Armor Defense

Ryver reviews sourced by G2 Crowd

Ryver just keeps getting better and better! Amazing platform.


My tribe and I just switched from Slack and we’re loving Ryver. You guys have a great service there. It didn’t take us long to settle in and figure things out and we’re really enjoying our new home.


Loving Ryver, thanks for a great product!

Ian Reyes, CEO, IECASA

We’ve been with Slack for almost a year and we just found Ryver. Absolutely extraordinary. Your refinement is perfect.

Guy Emond

Our team has used Ryver for the last year or two. Though we’re small, we looooove Ryver. It makes our lives much easier, and it’s way better in our experience than Slack. We love Ryver!

Jay Kelly

Thank you for recognizing that the price point of Slack is unscalable, and doing a great job of welcoming Slack refugees like me and my team. I was up and running in minutes – it couldn’t have been easier!

Mark Brackett

I tried different tools so far, Bitrix24, Meistertask, Slack, Basecamp and Asana. I experienced expensive pricing for our small team, complicated navigation, and a heavy initial workload for the admin to configure the assignment of permissions.

After a quick and easy installation of Ryver I was ready to go within minutes. So far I am really impressed by the easy and functional use. The first project management tool that can be used within minutes. All functions in plain sight, everything in reach within one click. Great job!

Erik Makowski

We chose to use RYVER as a communication platform with our guests.

Oceane Cirodde

My team’s transition from Slack free to Ryver has gone VERY smoothly. THANK YOU for giving us another option.

If you’d like to know WHY we made the switch:

1. We reached our 10k message limit pretty fast and started losing some vital stuff within the first couple months of using Slack.

2. The Chat vs Posts feature gives us a much easier way of keeping track of the more important business end of our team.

Michael Wuensch

Ryver is an amazing service, so thank you all for your work!

CÈsar GarcÌa

As companies grow and have much larger enterprise customers, the constraints increase — bigger release cycles, which also means a culture of slower development unfortunately. It’s always a challenge to keep a good balance, but you guys are doing it right IMO!

Roy Nasser

We are using Ryver after migrating from Slack and loving it so far.

Paul Lesurf

I was a little skeptical, but I am really enjoying Ryver right now.

Justin Sturgis

I’ve enjoyed using your app on my windows desktop.

Paul March

We have recently started deploying Ryver instead of Slack within our offices and we find it great.

Riccardo Donini

We’ve been loving Ryver!

Rachel Geng

I love your product. We believe that you are going to be one of the top tools in the communication software space.

Reid Burroughs

It’s really a pleasure to work with Ryver!


Loving Ryver so far.

Danial Huhn

Your software is great.

Ronny van Heel

I LOVE Ryver. Well done on a great product. I’ve actually successfully moved a couple of my freelance clients away from Slack to Ryver.

Michael Wheatley

I’m really enjoying using Ryver and I can understand your point of view. We are a startup accelerator in Brazil and we are recommending Ryver for all startups we talk to.

Wesley Almeida

Hi! I love Ryver. I just changed my group over from google groups (so old fashioned). Thank you for Ryver. My team love it already.

Ayesha Hilton

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