The only product on the market that integrates Slack-quality Team Communications and a Trello-quality Task Manager 

“Slack-quality Team Communications
& Trello-quality Task Manager”

Why do we say that Ryver is the best way to work?

Because at $8 per user for Slack and $9.99 per user for Trello, it gets expensive really fast. And the cost keeps you from building the teams you really want.

Why Ryver?

The best way to work

“The only product on the market with Slack-quality Team Communication with Trello-quality Task Manager seamlessly integrated.”

“At $8, $12 or $25 per user for something like Slack and Trello, the cost quickly gets expensive really fast.”  

What is Ryver Team Communication

Business email gets buried in the flood.
Team communications pulls your most important messages out of the flood into a context that makes sense.
Team chat, direct messages and Facebook-like Posts make it easy to keep track of what’s going on. No more endless “Reply To” chains.
Move smart, move fast with everyone on the same page.


There are two main ways we communicate

We Chat

Quick, rapid fire questions and answers

We Discuss

Long, topic-based conversations that need to stay organized

There are three “places” where
Chat and Topics happen

Open Forums

Channels where everyone can chime in and be in the know.

Private Teams

Private Channels where only the teammates can see the discussions.

Direct Messages

Private one-on-one chat and posts with everyone you need to message with.


You need to be able to search across everything and find the needle in the haystack.

Team & Personal Task Managers

Ryver includes a private Task Manager for each person, and Task Managers for each Team and Forum you create. Turn any conversation into trackable Tasks with the click of a mouse.


In real time, tune in to just the Forums and Teams you want to follow or tune out the things that to you is just noise. Follow signal versus noise!

Organization Switcher

On the native clients you can have all the Ryver organizations you are a member of on the left nav and switch between them instantly.

File Storage

You can store any kind of file on Ryver’s unlimited storage.

Audio & Video Conferencing

Integrated audio and video conferencing lets you have video or audio calls with anyone on any team.

Embed Any Media

Ryver supports every type of media right in line with Chats and Posts. Embed emails, websites, video, emojis, and GIFs.

Import Slack and Hipchat

Huge demand encouraged us to build imports from Slack and Hipchat. Switching is very easy!

Combine Ryver’s Task Manager and Team Communications to Get Things Done

You need to turn all that chatter into tasks to really get things done. Ryver Task Manager allows a team to “see” exactly where a project is and who is responsible for what. You only need a single application to communicate AND manage tasks with your team. Stop bouncing back and forth between two applications and only pay for one!

Task Boards

Give everyone visual insight into what is happening.

Due Dates

Know when stuff needs to be done and when it is late.


Privacy of Teams means only the team members see what you want them to see.


Tell everyone exactly what a task is and can be filtered to see only those things.

Task Reference

Refer to specific Tasks in any chat or post anywhere in Ryver for reference in context.


Powerful filtering helps you find all the tasks based on tags, assignees, overdue etc.

Assign Tasks

Assign to one or multiple people so everyone knows what they are responsible for.


Reminders are set so you don’t forget things you need to do.


Attach files to each task card so all the files for a task are right there in context.


When multiple items need to get done for a Task to be completed.

Task Lists

Simple and fast lists for less complex projects.

Task Stream

All the tasks from every team roll up into a single stream so you can filter to see all the things assigned to you and others.

Ryver Team Communications in 2 Minutes

How to Manage Tasks with Ryver

Members & Guests in Ryver