Ryver vs Slack

We think Slack is a really good product. But we realized that in order to function properly…

Team Communication must be free!

Who is Slack?

Slack is a team communication tool that is popular with development and IT teams. Technical users love it because it’s kind of geeky and so much better than old-fashioned tools like HipChat™ or IRC for chatting. It’s far superior to email but at the end of the day, it’s just chat.

What’s wrong with Slack?

Slack is great execution of a simple idea: chat for teams. That’s cool, it’s useful. But it suffers from two fatal flaws.

Flaw #1: Slack’s pay-per-user pricing is all wrong for Team Communication.

As we’ll explain below, Team Communication must be FREE to be truly effective.

Flaw #2: Slack lacks Tasks! Tasks are where the real work gets done. Chat is not enough.

Why Team Communication Must Be Free

In today’s world, most teams are not limited to internal techie employees. Real-world teams are cross-functional, constantly changing, and require input from many stakeholders and non-employees, such as:

  • Key customers
  • Contractors
  • Vendors
  • Partners
  • Advisors
  • Investors

Slack makes you pay for each user and guest. It gets very expensive very fast! Having to pay for each user means you won’t invite a lot of people you need to have on the team because it costs too much. Every user must have the freedom to create new teams and invite everyone they need into the conversation and never have to get permission from a centralized administrator. Imagine if you needed to get an administrator’s permission to send someone an email… it makes no sense. Inviting new users and guests to your team should be as easy as sending them an email!

Why Team Communication Must Have Integrated Tasks

Chat without a way to assign and track tasks from your discussions is just chatter. For real work to get done, you need integrated Task Management. Slack lacks tasks!  Ryver has a world-class Task Manager (like Trello™ ) that you can add for a nominal charge that seamlessly combines with Ryver’s Team Communication, allowing you to get stuff done better and faster like never before. You’ll see there is nothing like it!

Isn’t Slack free?

No. Slack’s free version is so severely crippled that it is nothing more than a short trial for small, internal teams. Teams that really use Slack WILL pay for it! Here are some of the limitations of Slack’s free version:

10K Chat Search Limit

Free Slack’s search is almost useless for real workgroups. It only stores your last 10,000 messages — about 20 days for a typical 8-person team. If you want to see or search all of your messages, you have to pay big bucks. If you don’t pay, it’s GONE! Poof! Ryver’s 100% free Team Communication provides unlimited search. We believe that all your data belongs to you.

No Guests Allowed

If you don’t pay for Slack, you can’t have guests at all. NONE! You won’t be able to communicate with anyone outside your internal team… without guests, free Slack is almost worthless for real team communication. Ryver gives you unlimited guests because you MUST include everyone you need on your team. Without guests, you will just use sucky email.

5GB Storage Limit

If you need more than 5GB, Slack makes you pay, even though 1GB of cloud storage costs about a penny, literally. Ryver gives you unlimited data storage because we can afford to.

How is Ryver better?

First, the obvious – Ryver Team Communication is completely FREE.

Free is nice, but it means more than saving money…

Ryver is the only product that has free, world-class Team Communication with the ability to add Task Management seamlessly integrated in a simple yet powerful way.

You will use Ryver very DIFFERENTLY than Slack. Because Ryver is free, you never hesitate to add someone who should be on the team and you’ll turn all your communication into real, accountable to-do items with the ability to follow up, set reminders, and check in on your team members’ progress. With Ryver, everyone knows what they must do, when they must get it done, and what everyone else is working on – at all times. This magical combination of Team Communication plus Tasks is a game changer, something totally new.

What else is cool about Ryver?

Chat is good for short, back-and-forth questions and answers. Ryver has great chat, but chat is terrible for organizing multiple topical discussions.

That’s where Ryver’s “Posts” come in. In addition to chat, Ryver uses Facebook™-like Posts to allow your team to have threaded, topic-based discussions. It allows discussions that can go on for days or weeks without being lost in a bunch of rapid-fire chat that has pushed your discussion up, out of sight in the chat window. You just can’t have long, thoughtful discussion with chat. (Slack has something they call Posts but it is terrible and no one uses it. Most don’t even know where it is.)

In addition to topical Posts, Ryver has:

  • Centralized Notifications
  • An uber Post Stream that combines everything new from all Teams
  • Files in context of every Team
  • Native apps/clients for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux that stay in sync
  • And by the way, did we mention a world-class graphical Task Manager like Trello?

How does Ryver manage to be free?

Our Team Communication product is 100% free, now and forever (with no ads). We can afford to do this because modern cloud computing makes the cost of adding a new customer about a dime. It’s crazy but it’s true. Slack charging $8, $15, or more per user is just plain greedy.

Ryver is un-crippled with unlimited users, teams, guests, search, and storage. Our mission is to enable every company to be able to afford to more effectively compete in our complex world using Ryver.

Our free Team Communication product also includes a free personal Task Manager. When you need the ability to assign tasks to people in teams, we charge a nominal flat rate monthly price.  With our $99/mo Unlimited price tier, you never need to worry about how many people are using the Ryver Task Manager.

Ryver makes its money by charging for its Task Management product. Soon we will launch the Ryver Enterprise Edition for companies who need Single Sign On and other enterprise features.

We will beat the pants off Slack’s overpriced Enterprise monstrosity. Heck, they won’t even tell you what it costs! As one of our big customers with over 1,000 users recently told us, “Slack is crazy expensive for a product that’s just chat.”

(By the way, we have some other cool paid products that seamlessly integrate with Ryver Team Communication in the works. Stay tuned!)

Is Ryver trying to be the “Slack Killer”?

No! Slack is a really good tool with a pile of VC money in the bank. No one’s going to kill them anytime soon. But Team Communication is a massive new software category with room for several major winners. We expect to be one of them!

We believe our free product is better than their paid product. Add Tasks and we’re off-the-charts better! But we are the underdog. Slack had a 24-month head start on us but they’ve gotten slow, which always happens when you get big, which is why sometimes David beats Goliath!

Why should I trust Ryver? I’ve never heard of you.

This isn’t our first rodeo. Ryver was founded by Pat Sullivan, co-creator of ACT!, the best-selling contact manager that dominated that category for over 20 years and sold over 10 million copies. After selling ACT! to Symantec, Pat created SalesLogix, the leading mid-market CRM solution, which went from $0 to $108MM in five years and went public in 1999 and later sold to Sage Software. Ryver has raised more than $12MM to build and market its world-class products.

Ryver is the best way to enable widely dispersed, decentralized Team Communication with integrated Task Management. Ryver believes companies must become decentralized in the sharing of information to compete in today’s more complex and fast-moving business environment.