Ryver vs. Slack

Simply put, Ryver does what Slack can’t.

So what’s wrong with Slack?

Slack Lacks Tasks & Workflow

In Slack, there’s no way to turn your conversations into trackable tasks, other than by expensive integration with other apps that have limited functionality.

And there’s also no way to automate mass notifications and task assignments for predictable business processes.

Why use two or three really expensive apps when you could use just one affordably-priced app?

Ryver gives you 3x the functionality of Slack, and for a better price.

Ryver Provides 3x the Functionality in One App

Ryver seamlessly integrates team communication tools, world-class team task management, and workflow automation. (No other app can do that.) This enables your team to:

  • Collaborate via Chat, Topic-threaded Chat (Topics), and Voice & Video Calls (including screen sharing)
  • Turn conversations into trackable Tasks in a powerful task manager.
  • Automate business processes like notifying teammates, assigning tasks, and delivering information to other apps lightning-fast using Workflow.

This saves you time, money, and headache.

But Slack is Free! (Isn’t it?)

Yes, but Slack’s free version is very restrictive.

10K Chat Search Limit

Free Slack only lets you keep your last 10,000 chats. Sounds like a lot, right? Well…

A typical 8-person team generates about 10,000 chats every 2-3 weeks. So if you need to search for something you chatted about 6 months ago… Or two months ago… Or even last month… you are plain out of luck.

But Ryver has no limits. Collaborate as much as you want, and you’ll always be able to find it later!

5GB Storage Limit
Free Slack gives your team 5GB of free storage. If you ever need more than that, well then…

Slack makes you pay a lot for it.

Ryver gives you unlimited data storage.

No Guests Allowed

Want to invite guests to your team? Well…

Slack again makes you pay a lot.

But for the price of just 8 Slack users, Ryver gives you unlimited members and unlimited guests.

Slack is Really Expensive…

Want to add another teammate to Slack? You’ve gotta pay. Every. Single. Time.  

Slack gets expensive fast. How expensive? Try $96 per year per user for their cheapest paid version. 

Let’s say you have 15 people on your team. That’s $1,440 a year, just for chat!

Ryver Is More Affordable

Ryver gives you 3x the functionality (team communication + task manager + workflow automation) for a small fraction of the cost of Slack. And Ryver’s flat-rate pricing lets you build teams without breaking the bank.

Ryver is just $49/month for up to 12 users, $99/month for 13+ users, and affordable Enterprise plans are available as well.

Ryver Is More Effective

With Ryver, you can do 3x more than Slack, all in one app and on an unlimited basis.

  • Unlimited Collaboration: You’ll never run out of messaging or searching.
  • Unlimited Task Management: You’ll never run out of tasks.
  • Unlimited Workflow Automation: You’ll never run out of workflows.

Ryver is More Agile

Let’s say your team just had an awesome chat conversation about a new project…

With Ryver, you can “promote” (convert) a Chat thread into a Topic for ongoing topic-based conversation, or into a Task(s) for ongoing, trackable collaboration.

Not only that, with Workflow, you can automate mass notifications and task assignments for repetitive, every-day business processes.

This can all be done in one app. All the same users will have access and permissions to collaborate. It’s really that simple…

Get more done with Ryver