Ryver vs. Slack

Simply put, Ryver does more.

Ryver vs Slack

Ryver is like 2 apps in 1.

Slack is limited.

Slack can integrate with other apps so you can to manage tasks and automate workflows, but you can’t have the same user set in each app, functionality is limited, and integrations commonly break when other apps are updated.

These issues can dramatically slow down your team’s collaboration. 

Ryver has 2x the functionality in one app.

Ryver seamlessly integrates team communication tools (Chat + Topics + and Voice & Video Calls) and task management (Tasks) to streamline your team’s collaboration.

Ryver’s ease-of-use helps your team stay focused on being most productive.

Slack is very expensive.

Slack paid plans start at $80/user/year. 

Let’s say you have 15 people on your team. That’s $1,200 per year, just for chat!

Ryver is more affordable.

Ryver is just $69/month for up to 12 users, $129/month for up to 30 users ($4 for additional users), and affordable Enterprise plans are available as well.

Ryver’s flat-rate pricing lets you build teams without breaking the bank.

But isn’t Slack free? Not really…


10K Chat Search Limit
The free version of Slack allows you to search your past 10,000 chats. However, a typical 8-person team generates about 10,000 chats every 2-3 weeks, and losing your ability to search conversation history can be very frustrating.

Unlimited search is only available in paid plans starting at $80/user/year.

5GB Storage Limit
Free Slack gives your team 5GB of free storage. If you ever need more than that, Slack gets expensive quickly — again, $80/user/year, or more.

No Guests Allowed
Want to invite guest users to your team? That also costs a lot — $80/user/year, or more.

Ryver is unlimited.

With Ryver’s affordable flat rate plans, you can do 2x more than Slack in one app on an unlimited basis.

  • Unlimited Collaboration: You’ll never run out of messaging or searching.
  • Unlimited Task Management: You’ll never run out of tasks.
  • Unlimited Data: You’ll never run out of data storage.
  • Unlimited Guests: You’ll never run out of guests.

No extra costs. Period.

Get More Done With Ryver