About Us

Pat Sullivan – our Founder – is addicted to GBSD.* That’s why he started Ryver.

* Getting Big Sh*t Done.

In the late 80’s, Pat and Mike Muhney created an entirely new category of software – “Contact Management” – when they created ACT! People loved it so much that they eventually sold 30 million copies!

100 Million Dollars. That’s definitely GBSD.

Not big enough for Pat, though. Remember, he’s addicted to GBSD. So he created SalesLogix and guided that company from Zero Dollars to $100 million in sales – in 5 years.

100 Million Dollars. That’s definitely GBSD.

Oh, and along the way, he figured out how to beat chronic illness he’d fought for decades. And he wrote a book about it: Wellness Piece by Piece and his wildly successful health company, Jigsaw Health. (People tell us that Pat’s book literally saved their lives.)

Saving Lives. Absolutely GBSD.

So yeah, Pat loves to GBSD.

If you are the sort of person who loves GBSD, then use a tool like Ryver to help you communicate and delegate. When he started Ryver, Pat gathered the team that helped him GBSD at SalesLogix. Then he pulled in a world-class team of advisors who knew how to GBSD – leaders from the business, finance, software and healthcare worlds – to keep us pointed in the right direction. And then we all got to work. We love Ryver and use it to GBSD every day.

Will you do us a favor?

As you use Ryver to GBSD, drop us a note and tell us about your success. Genius loves company.

Ryver. Get Big Sh*t Done

Board of Directors

Roy Valee

Roy is the retired Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and retired Chairman and CEO of Avnet.

Ray Croghan

Ray is Managing Partner of Croghan Investments, LLC, an investment and consulting firm. He is also a Director of Crocs, Inc.

Tom Curzon

As an Attorney at Osborn Maledon, Tom’s practice focuses on serving as outside general counsel to emerging, growth-oriented companies.