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Create a team for anything

All team communications in one place

Total awareness

Your Wall, Your News
Your Wall, Your News
Use the Post Stream to follow discussions across all your teams in one view.
Mark Posts you want to come back to later.
Global Search
Global Search
Find a needle in your team’s haystack of communication, in seconds.
@John #MindBlown
@John #MindBlown
Supports #hashtags and @name mentions that notify those people mentioned.

Take your Ryver anywhere

Take Ryver Everywhere: iOS, Windows, Chrome, Android, Safari, Mac, Firefox, Internet Explorer
Ryver on any device
Anywhere. Really.

A seamless experience across Web browsers, Mac/Windows desktops, and Android/iOS tablets and phones.

100% Full Functionality on All Devices

No scaled down, half-baked phone apps here!

What about team members who prefer email?

No problem, stay in the tools you prefer. Receive the right communications threads and reply – right inside your email!

Alerts that matter

Never Miss Anything

Even when you’re not paying attention, Ryver will find you if you want it to.


Notifications alert you immediately whenever somebody @mentions you, chats with you, or comments on your team’s post.

Email Notifications

Optionally receive email notifications when you are logged off. You can reply via email to insert your comment directly into the discussion in Ryver!

Smart alerts and notifications with Ryver

Connect with the tools you use every day

Discover our Open Platform API to enable multiple integrated streams of communications.

Connect Ryver to Gmail, Dropbox, Zapier, Hangouts and Box


Ryver Integrations: Evernote, Basecamp, Yammer, GitHub, SalesForce, Zendesk, Xjira, Trello, Asana, Wrike and Mailchimp

Say goodbye to relying on emails & meetings with Ryver

Say goodbye to relying on email & meetings

Ryver streams together all your messages, notes, and discussions to improve productivity and deepen relationships.


Ryver takes customer data security seriously. Our client application communicates with the Ryver servers through a secured connection protected by 256 bit encryption. There is no direct access to the database outside of our Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, and all database queries are parameterized. Security is enforced on the server side, so there is no way to “hack” the client-side JavaScript to bypass security.