The best
way to work

Team Communications
Plus Task Management

Ryver combines the best of business chat tools like Slack with intuitive task managers like Trello. With Ryver, you seamlessly turn those conversations into trackable tasks.

Ryver. Because work is more than chat.

Ryver Team Communication

All Team Communications in one place

Open Forums
When you’d like everyone in your organization to have a voice

Private Teams
When only team members need to be involved

Direct Messages
One-to-one chat conversations

Never Lose Files Again
Say goodbye to lost file attachments

Ryver Task Manager

Where the real work gets done

Task Boards
Personal boards for yourself. Team boards for all.

Task Lists
If you prefer tasks formatted as a list

Tasks can be further divided into checklists

Assignable tasks with Alerts
Make sure your team is on track at all times

Why choose Ryver

2-Minute Ryver Demo

37 Seconds of Fun

Take your Ryver anywhere

Integrate with your other tools

Prefer to have a real person walk you thru Ryver?


The only totally secure way to work

Ryver takes customer data security seriously. Our client application communicates with the Ryver servers through a secured connection protected by 256 bit encryption. There is no direct access to the database outside of our Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, and all database queries are parameterized. Security is enforced on the server side, so there is no way to “hack” the client-side JavaScript to bypass security.