The Best Way to Collaborate

All your team communication in one place.

Team Communication

All your Team Communication in One Place

Give everyone on your team a voice.

Handpick the teammates you want to talk to.

Direct Messages
Talk one-on-one with anyone in Ryver.

Freeform Chat 
Discuss anything.

Threaded Topics
Have topic-based conversations.

Unlimited File Sharing
Share files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, your computer, or any URL.

Conference Calls (Voice, Video, & Screen Share)
Hold a conference call right inside of Ryver.

Ryver Task Manager

Where Conversations Take Action

Team Task Boards
Create custom task boards for every team conversation.

Personal Task Board
Keep track of your own tasks.

Add detailed checklists to each task.

Unlimited Teams & Tasks
Create as many tasks as you want.

Assignable Tasks with Alerts
Keep your teams on track by assigning tasks, setting alerts, and establishing deadlines.

Task-Based Chat
Chat with your team right inside individual Tasks.

Why Choose Ryver

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Why Choose Ryver

2-Minute Ryver Demo

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The only totally secure way to work

Ryver takes customer data security seriously. Our client application communicates with the Ryver servers through a secured connection protected by 256 bit encryption. There is no direct access to the database outside of our Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, and all database queries are parameterized. Security is enforced on the server side, so there is no way to “hack” the client-side JavaScript to bypass security.