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Ryver Features

Of course, Ryver has all the features commonly found in team communication products. That’s what you expect. And Ryver also includes world-class team task management that exceeds expectations.

However, Ryver offers a richer combination of features than you typically find in any of those single-function products.

World Class Task Management plus Team Communications

Ryver seamlessly integrates team task management with team communication. In addition, you can convert any conversation into a set of tasks. Once converted to tasks, you can actually assign tasks to people, attach deadlines and track progress.

Track projects visually in a simple yet powerful way

Ryver’s task boards are like columns of post-it notes on a board that everyone on a team can see. Makes it easy to see the Who, What and When of every task. MORE+

Forums, Teams and Users can all create and manage their own sets of task boards. And – just as you’d expect – you can drag and drop tasks from one category to another to indicate progress.

You can create an unlimited number of task boards, with unlimited numbers of tasks. You can assign tasks to users, assign deadlines and even assign alerts. Everyone can receive notifications as Tasks move towards completion.

Each task can have subtasks with checklists. You can create custom tags to make it easier to group tasks within and across task boards.

All that could be really complicated if we didn’t provide advanced searching & filtering capabilities. Fear not – we’ve made it easy to find almost anything, because you can search and filter Tasks in dozens of different ways.


Conversation management, not just team chat

Ryver takes the idea of team chat to a whole new level. Conversations have many purposes and many forms, and Ryver makes it easy to categorize, manage and – most importantly – keep up with all of them. MORE+

Sometimes conversations are free-flowing. Quick questions, quick answers, quick comments. Chat is the right vehicle for that.

Sometimes conversations are focused on a specific subject and require detailed documentation. These conversations take more time, but have a much longer shelf-life. Topics are perfect for that.

Some conversations should be limited to just the people on a team, some should be open to everyone in your organization. And some conversations are private between just two people. Ryver has it all covered for you.

And sometimes, writing is just too slow. So Ryver makes voice-to-voice conversations for 2 people, 20 people or even 200 as simple as “Click-to-Talk.”

And Ryver makes it easy to turn all that talk into trackable tasks.

Ryver manages all those conversations so you can Get Big Sh*t Done.


Same data structures as Slack and Trello

If you’ve ever used Slack, then you know how to use most of the communications features of Ryver. If you’ve ever used Trello, then you already know how to use most of the task management functions of Ryver. MORE+

And if you are currently using Slack and/or Trello, Ryver makes it easy to import your existing data from both of them.


Flexible Admin & User Controls

Organize your team conversations into Open Forums (everyone), Private Teams (selected people), and Direct Messages (1-on-1).

Advanced Notifications

Stay up-to-date with your team by checking all your most important Notifications in one place.

Voice & Video Calls (including Screen Share)

Talk voice-to-voice, “face-to-face”, or screen-to-screen with anyone on your team at extremely high quality, all inside Ryver.

Threaded Topics

Chat is useful for those daily give-and-take conversations that make us feel connected with our team. But chat is unstructured, almost random. It’s just a long series of almost unrelated – and sometimes mixed-up conversations. MORE+

Chat is highly interruptive. Like it or not, our human brains are wired to make us feel compelled to respond immediately to a chat. So we do. And it breaks our flow and reduces productivity. In fact, Chat can be worse than email.

That’s where Threaded Topics come in.

Topics can save you from the irritation and headache of trying to find that brilliant comment amid an ocean of useless chatter. You don’t feel compelled to reply immediately like you do with Chat.


The Watcher

With the Watcher you can easily feed any external news source from the web right into a Ryver Forum, Team, or Direct Message. You can track people, companies, and keyword topics in context within Ryver. MORE+

Perhaps your Mobile Dev team needs to keep up with the latest in the iOS and Android worlds. You would setup Watchers that bring the latest news about iOS and Android straight into the Dev Team workspace.

And your Marketing team wants to keep tabs on the competition, so you set up Watchers to feed the latest info about your competitors straight into the Marketing Team’s workspace.

And soon, you’ll also be able to watch email, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as well.

Ultimately, any data from any application can be brought into Ryver with just a few clicks. No technical setup required. Data integrations have never been so easy!


Share Files

Dropbox taking too long to sync? No problem. You can share files through Ryver instead. Ryver stores your shared files in the context of your conversations, not inside someone else’s file structure where it isn’t part of the conversation. MORE+

And Ryver’s advanced search, sort, and filter capabilities make it easy to find files even if you’ve forgotten which conversation they belong to.


   Protect Your Data

Robust Encryption: All communication to Ryver’s server uses SSL connection protected by 256-bit RSA encryption. At rest data is stored in encrypted DB files.

Strictly-Regulated Data Storage: Amazon’s AWS cloud services security features, including enforcement of 2-factor authentication, are required for Ryver employees to access our Virtual Private Cloud. We also use AWS Identity Access Management to manage and limit the services and servers employees can access.

Secure Login Methods: Single Sign-On is available to Ryver Enterprise Plan customers enabling secure login through existing identity providers such as Google Apps, Microsoft ADFS, OneLogin, Octa, etc.

Privacy: Ryver adheres to the Privacy Shield Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement for personal data submitted by our customers in participating European countries.

Flat-Rate Pricing

Face it: per-user pricing means you make a budget decision every time you consider whether or not to invite a new user. That means you have to get admin permission every time you invite vendors, prospects, advisors, customers, and other key stakeholders into your conversations. That’s no way to run a business. You should never have to think twice about inviting someone into the conversation.

Flat-rate pricing makes it easy to build very large teams across your entire organization without worrying about ever-increasing costs. Ryver’s Unlimited plan allows you to grow your team as large you want without spending another dime. And Ryver’s Enterprise simple pricing tiers make it easy to add and remove users and only need to spend more when you go through huge growth spurts.