Ryver vs. Trello

Simply put, Ryver does what Trello can’t.

So what’s wrong with Trello?

Trello Costs a Lot

When a new project is gearing up, it’s exciting to add new members to your team. But at $12 per-user per-month, the cost of adding new users quickly adds up. At those prices, you have to be careful about who you exclude from your Trello team. 

Ryver, on the other hand offers far more functionality and has low, flat-rate pricing, making it easy to add more users without the fear of ever-increasing costs.

But Trello is Free, right?

Well, sort of. Trello does have a free version. But if you need these features…

  • View-only Guests
  • Remove members, but save their history
  • Admin management of all Task Boards, including private ones

…then you have to pay, per user.

Trello gets very expensive, very fast.

Trello Lacks Team Communication

Kanban task boards are really great for task management, but they’re only a piece of the equation for team collaboration. Teams need to talk with one another about the tasks they are working on too.

If your team uses Trello with an app like Slack (another expensive, per-user app), they’ll have to bounce back and forth between both applications, without the ability to easily communicate with or notify other users in both places at once. And it will cost a lot of money.

But Ryver solves this problem. Ryver allows you to turn your team conversations into Tasks all inside a single application, and for a very affordable price.

Ryver is Integrated

Ryver seamlessly integrates Team Communication with Task Management so your team can turn any message, chat, topic, or comment into a trackable Task at the push of a button.

No more alt-tabbing between applications.

No more copy-pasting between windows. 

In Ryver, you can assign, schedule, organize, track, and discuss Tasks all in one place.

Ryver is More Affordable

Ryver’s fully-integrated application is also much more affordable than Trello’s per-user pricing: Just $49/month for up to 12 users, $99/month for 13+ users, or affordable Enterprise plan options.

It takes using Slack plus Trello plus workflow automation apps to get what Ryver has (minus being able to fully-integrate both apps). And you’ll pay at least $20 per-user per-month for Slack plus Trello, and even more for workflow automation. 

With Ryver, you can invite as many people as you need, but it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Ryver Gives You More


Have quick conversations anytime in Chat.


Organize your longer, specifically-focused conversations in Topics.


Turn your conversations into action using Tasks. 


Talk with anyone in Ryver anytime via voice and videos calls, including screen sharing.


Automate repetitive business processes through triggered notifications, task assignments, and sharing info with other apps.

And Migrating to Ryver is Easy

Already have a bunch of boards setup in Trello? No problem. You can easily import them into Ryver.

Get more done with Ryver