Ryver vs Trello

We love Trello. But we realized that in order to function properly…


Trello needs Team Communication!

Who is Trello?

Trello is a project management application that was introduced in 2011 and as of May 2016 had 1.1 daily active users.  Trello was bought Jan 2017 by Atlassian for $425MM.  Atlassian makes a project management product for software developers called Jira and a team communication product called Stride.  Stride is replacing the once very popular Atlassian chat product called HipChat now being phased out.

Trello is a good product that popularized the “Kanban” board which is basically like post it notes in columns on a wall used to manually visualize a project.

Ryver liked the Kanban board concept a lot so we built our task manager the same way.  Since we were also users of Jira we combined some cool things it did along with the cool things Trello did.  We seamlessly integrated it with Ryver Team Communication.  Ryver is the only product on the market that combines Slack quality team communications with Trello quality task management.

What’s wrong with Trello?

Trello is great execution of a simple idea: Task Management using Kanban boards but Trello suffers from two fatal flaws.

Flaw #1: Trello’s pay-per-user pricing gets very expensive at $12+/user/mo.

Flaw #2: Trello needs world class team communication to get real work done.  Task management by itself is not enough.

Why should Task Management be flat rate pricing?

Task management tends to be very fluid in terms of the number of people on teams working on Tasks.  Teams are built as soon as a new project comes up. The project may only last for a week and you need to be able to invite everyone right away to get going NOW.  At $12 for each user, you will normally have to get permission from central administration to add users to do a new project.  Rather than get permission, many teams will just opt to try to manage the project via email or a team communication product like Ryver or Slack.  If you try to do that with Slack, you will have to pay for that too.  Plus, if you only need a bunch of new users for a week, you will have to pay Trello for the whole month regardless.

With unlimited flat rate pricing using Ryver Task Manager, you can invite as many people as you need to a new team with Tasks and not worry about adding to your costs.  You can focus on getting your sh*t done without begging for permission to increase your costs.

Ryver has 2 tiers (5 users and 15 users) that do have limits on the number of users.  We did this because we were asked for it by our customers with smaller teams.  But if you are constantly faced with new projects where you never know how many people you will need on a team, the unlimited tier of Ryver is the best by far.  Just $99/mo gives you as many team members, in as many teams as you need, without worrying about increasing costs.  You can have hundreds of users and we don’t care.

How can we afford to do this? Because the cost to us for you to add hundreds of users is literally about a dime.  The cost of modern cloud computing goes down almost every month.  Our biggest cost is NOT computing and storage.  Marketing is our biggest cost.  When you add a lot of team members, it helps us spread the word about Ryver. More and more people start to use it.  We love it when you add hundreds of users!

In today’s world, most teams are not limited to internal employees. The world has become virtual. Real-world teams are cross-functional, constantly changing, and require input from many stakeholders and non-employees, such as:

  • Key customers
  • Contractors
  • Vendors
  • Partners
  • Advisors
  • Investors


Trello makes you pay for each user and guest. It gets very expensive very fast! Since it is expensive, it must be controlled by central administration.  Imagine if you needed to get an administrator’s permission to send someone an email… it makes no sense. Inviting new users and guests to your team should be as easy as sending them an email!

Why Task Management needs world class Team Communication

Your team discusses the tasks they are working on all day long.  If you are using Trello with something like Slack, you are constantly bouncing back and forth between the two applications.  And you are paying for both!  You need to be able to turn a chat, a post or comment into a task with a single click.  You need to be able to view an entire Task Board right where you chat and post.  One product, not two!

With Ryver you can be even more effective because of the amazing efficiency you get by having both Team Communication and Task Management together in a single user interface without bouncing back and forth.  And the MOST you will ever pay for Ryver is $99 for an unlimited number of users.  You get unlimited Team Communication and unlimited Task Management for one low price.  You always know what your monthly cost is going to be.

Isn’t Trello free?

No. Trello’s free version lacks things that most teams must have. Trello makes you pay for:

keep company information private
one click access removal for former members
control who can create public or private boards

Huh?  I must pay for those things?  Are you kidding?  So, if I don’t pay, my company info is not private – every team member can see every project? There are no Private Boards? That sucks!  There are no admin controls over who can create the teams? As much as we think most everyone should be able to create teams, almost all those teams should be Private and an admin needs to say who can and can’t create them.  Someone should not be able to suddenly create a bunch of Public Boards/Teams.  With Ryver you get all these things and much more for one low flat rate price.

And Trello really, really wants you to pay annually.  Try to find what the per month price is on their website.  How do you pay annually for ten users that you only need in a project for 2 weeks?  You won’t.  You will probably end up managing the tasks for that project via email. Yuck!

And don’t even get us started talking about their Enterprise version for $20.83/mo/user paid annually.  Yikes!  Trello gets very expensive very fast.  That is why we say Trello is Jell-Otm.  The ingredients of Jell-O are a few pennies, but Krafttm charges you over a buck at Walmart.  Trello is just too expensive compared to Ryver.

Bottom line is that Ryver is better than Trello AND doesn’t hammer you on per user costs.  And unlike Trello, you are not going to have to also pay for something like Slack for your team collaboration needs.  Ryver Task Manager is seamlessly integrated with Ryver Team Communications giving you a single solution with one user interface that just works!

How is Ryver better?

First, the obvious – Ryver Team Communication is completely FREE and the Ryver Task Manager is priced at a flat rate of $19 for 5 users, $49 for 15 users and $99 for an unlimited number of users.  And the cool thing is you could have 1,000+ users of free Ryver Team Communication but only need 5 users of Tasks.  That will cost you the sum total of $19/mo.  Combine Trello with something like Slack and it will cost you over $5,000 per month.  But if you have 1,000 users you probably need the enterprise editions of both.  Yikes, now you are talking over $15,000 per month!

If you look closely at Ryver, you not only get something better than either Slack or Trello, you get it in one, intuitive user interface.  You NEVER have to bounce back and forth between two products.  Frankly, it’s awesome.  We challenge you to compare what you can do with Ryver.

What else is cool about Ryver Task Manager?

With the free Ryver Team Communication every user gets the ability to manage their personal tasks for free.  We do that so everyone gets a taste of how cool it is to manage all their tasks using Kanban boards.  Once you do that, you are going to want to do the same in all your teams.  That is when the Ryver Task Manager power really kicks in.

Naturally everything any Ryver product does works on all devices in almost the same way and everything stays in sync.  And when you are a contributor on LOTS of teams, it can get hard to keep up with everything.  So Ryver rolls up all your tasks from every team into the Task Stream.  A single view that can be filtered so you can easily see everything you and everyone else is working on.  And you get notified of anything that happens on any task that you are subscribed or assigned to.

With a single click, you can turn any Chat, Post or Comment into a Task and the discussion automatically is copied into the task card so the context of the discussion is always there for everyone to see.  Well, not everyone since our security model only allows the members of that team to see the tasks, chat and posts of the team.  Remember what we said earlier about Trello… their free version allows everyone to see everything.  You must pay $12/user/mo to keep the things private that need to be private.  That is a lot to pay for something to work the way it should.

How does Ryver manage to be affordable?

Our Team Communication product is 100% free, now and forever (with no ads).  We can afford to do this because modern cloud computing makes the cost of adding a new customer, with hundreds of users cost us less than a dime. It’s crazy but it’s true. Trello charging $10, $25 or more per user is just plain greedy.

Ryver makes its money by charging for its Task Management product. Soon we will launch the Ryver Enterprise Edition for companies who need Single Sign On and other enterprise features. We will beat the pants off Trello’s overpriced Enterprise edition especially because to make Trello effective you need to add the cost of a great team communication product.  When you do that, the cost goes through the roof.

By the way, we have some other cool paid products in the works that seamlessly integrate with Ryver Team Communications.

Is Ryver trying to be the “Trello Killer”?

No! Trello is owned by Atlassian, a public company.  Trello is a good tool and no one is going to kill them unless Atlassian kills Trello like they killed their old product HipChat. But Team Communication and Task Management are massive new software categories with room for several major winners. We expect to be one of them!

We believe our extremely affordable Ryver Task Manager is better than their very expensive paid product when you combine it with Ryver Team Communication product. The two work together like hand in glove. We hope you will give Ryver a trial.  You will see there is nothing like it!

Why should I trust Ryver? I’ve never heard of you.

This isn’t our first rodeo. Ryver was founded by Pat Sullivan, co-creator of ACT!, the best-selling contact manager that dominated that category for over 20 years and sold over 10 million copies. After selling ACT! to Symantec, Pat created SalesLogix, the leading mid-market CRM solution, which went from $0 to $108MM in 5 years and went public in 1999 and later sold to Sage Software.  Ryver has raised more than $12MM to build and market it’s world class products.

Ryver is the best way to enable widely dispersed, decentralized Team Communication with integrated Task Management. Ryver believes companies must become decentralized in the sharing of information to compete in today’s more complex and fast moving business environment.