How we protect your data

Ryver’s servers are hosted by AWS and protected by Armor, a high-performance threat prevention, detection and response platform.

Ryver is the only application in its class that offers this multi-layer protection.

Security with AWS is good; with Armor it’s nearly bulletproof.

Armor automatically blocks 99.99999% of security events. And for those astronomically unlikely events that cannot be addressed automatically, Armor has real, live humans devoted to threat research and response.

Armor’s security platform integrates adaptive technologies, global threat intelligence, and continuous response capabilities to uncover hidden threats and prevent security breaches.

Intrusion Detection

Armor inspects anomalous traffic against predefined policies. This allows Armor to detect and respond to threats such as SQL injections, XSS and DoS attacks.

Malware Protection

Armor protects Ryver from harmful malware and botnets that are deployed to capture data, monitor activity or leverage our servers for illicit activity.


External Vulnerability Monitoring

Armor monitors the external connections in Ryver’s cloud servers to identify vulnerabilities gathered from intelligence of threat activity against specific ports and protocols.


Continuous Targeted Threat Hunting

Armor’s security analysts continuously monitor Ryver’s security posture as well as custom countermeasures to find advanced threat actors.


Brand and Reputation Monitoring

Armor monitors the dark web for threat activity against Ryver’s servers using both automated and targeted threat research.


Patch Monitoring

Armor identifies OS-level patches we need to make.



Log Collection and Management

Armor captures, documents, analyzes and reports on all activity log events on our servers. And Armor stores up to 13 months of log events to support various regulatory requirements.



Vulnerability Scanning

Armor identifies risks to reduce our threat vectors and build a remediation plan based on vulnerabilities they identify.