What’s Next for Ryver? (March 2018)

Pat Sullivan talks about the change in Ryver’s pricing policy and what it means for new users.

Pat Sullivan On: New Pricing & New Features

I’m Pat Sullivan, CEO of Ryver.  

The response to our announcement that Ryver would no longer be free has been very encouraging. I did not expect the response to be as big or fast as it’s been.

Naturally some people got mad because they liked using Ryver’s chat for free.  I don’t blame them. I would never pay for Chat either. There are way too many free chat products available so why should I ever pay for chat?  If all you really want is free chat, Ryver is NOT the right product for you. Ryver is so much more than Free Chat!

When we analyzed the data, it was obvious that thousands of organizations had adopted Ryver as a mission critical application. If we were going to do greater things, we had to start charging. We are now expanding our development team to make Ryver all we’ve imagined.

A bigger dev team allows us to accelerate 4 major upgrades for you:

  1. Audio, Video and screen sharing conferencing.
  2. A workflow and integration engine. Think Zapier and IFTTT on steroids.
  3. Ryver Enterprise for bigger companies with bigger needs.
  4. I’m not going to tell you what this is right now but it’s biggest and best thing to ever come to Ryver. It’s the culmination of my long term vision for Ryver.

Combining these with Ryver’s already great Chat, Topics and Tasks will make Ryver a product that is unmatched. If you know anything about the software I’ve built before, you know I won’t be satisfied with anything less than a product that solves very big problems and is truly great!!

The important thing is NOW we have more resources to increase the size of our dev team to deliver these great new features much sooner.

You are going to love all that is coming, so if you have not already done it, upgrade today!

Thank you!

Jack Heald
  • Startup
    Posted at 06:37h, 01 April

    I cannot understand new pricing of Ryver..My company has 8 people and we have to pay 10$ more than using Taskworld.

  • Endup
    Posted at 09:19h, 08 April

    Understandably, you need to serve your “mission-critical” customers, but why do you have to loose your free customers along the way? You were already charging for “Tasks” feature, right? Obviously that didn’t work and that’s why this desperate attempt had to be taken, to charge all the customers, even for chat! Being a CEO, you are allowing your free customers let go, what a lacking of foresight. Broken promises are still okay, but broken vision will never be taken positively. It doesn’t take rocket science to get, this product will not be able to attract wide audience. A remarkable idea, poorly executed.

  • Chris
    Posted at 20:43h, 17 April

    Very very disappointed by this change of policy… Charging for a good product is normal, but doing so after promising that it would be “free forever” is VERY bad. We are a very small business, but 6 users aren’t enough. We need around 8-9. And then we have to pay 100 USD a month, like you average 45-user customers. We can’t afford it. We feel that we’ve been lied to and betrayed.