What you been doing with Ryver Pat?


I have gotten questions about why I have not posted anything in our blog.  Some are concerned it means we are “going to go out of business.”  Naturally, they are worried about their reliance on Ryver for the Team Communication.  Completely understandable.

I can assure you that is not going to happen.  The past 7 months I have been extremely busy trying to acquire one or both of two companies.  Both could have accelerated our ability to get where we are going with Ryver. Both had large installed bases.  Both would have been cool acquisitions.  But I could not get either done.  I can’t identify who they are.  Neither had cloud versions of their key products. We could have produced one very rapidly. One had revenues and profits that were declining.  The other had flat revenues and no profits.  I had a private equity firm to partner with us to acquire the larger of the two.  I had them at the altar twice but they decided at the last minute they were worth a lot more, which they weren’t.

I finally gave up the effort just after the holidays as it became clear while both wanted to sell, there just was no way to get them to be reasonable in their valuations. A telling sign we did the right thing was the relief I felt after calling off the effort.  I had come to realize we could get where we were going a lot faster on our own without the baggage they would have brought.

The bad news is that this effort consumed massive amounts of my time.  The good news is that while I was doing this, the Ryver development team continued to push Ryver forward fast and furious.  We hit a major inflection point in all our metrics about 5 months ago that continues to accelerate our number of customers, number of active users and number of sign ups dramatically. The level of overall activity doubled just in the last 3 weeks as have the number of daily signups.

The most encouraging thing about this is that we totally stopped all advertising about 7 months ago.  I did that to determine if our ads were driving signups or if it was due to word of mouth.  Amazingly, the number of signups continued to grow.  And everyone who complained about our “negative ads” against Slack stopped complaining. It became clear Ryver is a hit!  Word of mouth is the number one indicator a product Is great.  A survey we just did showed 93% of Ryver admins recommend the product to others.  That is an awesome stat.

Be assured Ryver is doing very well. We are interviewing to add 3 programmers. Our coming Task Manager is gorgeous and is in alpha where we are using it every day.  In a few weeks, it will go into limited beta and then wider beta.  We expect it will be widely available by June.  It is a great combination of Trello, Jira and a calendar.  It is NOT a standalone product.  It requires Ryver to work.  It is seamlessly integrated with a single user interface and user experience.  Slack has no Trello.  And Trello has no Slack.  Integrating the two doesn’t come close to having the functionality working tightly together in Ryver. I think you all are going to love it!  We are still debating how we are going to price it but it will be quite reasonable.

Thanks for your support of Ryver!  Onward!

Pat Sullivan

Was co-creator and CEO of ACT!, The Best Selling Contact Manager. Founder and CEO of SalesLogix The Leading Mid Market CRM Two time winner of Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Co-founder and CEO of Ryver, The Best Team Communications that is FREE.