June 2018 Coming Attractions

What are we doing to upgrade Ryver?

Users love Ryver on G2 Crowd

Click to Talk

Super-quick voice conferencing for your whole team. Works 1-to-1 as well. No need to create “conference rooms” and passwords. The sound quality is awesome, too. You’re gonna love this.

Video Conferencing and ScreenShare

When you do conference calls, you also want to share screens. Our beta testers tell us that Ryver’s screen-sharing is better than anything out there.

Video Conferencing works just like Click-to-Talk, only with video. And we’ve got a cool twist that you’re really gonna like. It’ll make other video conference choices seem… old and dumb. We expect to release this at the same time as ScreenShare.


Sign into Ryver using Active Directory and SAML-based single sign-on such as Google G-Suite, Okta, and OnePassword.

Integration & Workflow Engine

Workflow allows you to automate repeated, complex tasks. For example, when a purchase order comes in, you could automatically create a set of tasks, assign them, set a due date, and send notifications, then print an invoice and update a spreadsheet. Very, very cool.

(Workflow will be an add-on to the basic Ryver subscription.)

Native Outlook & Gmail Plug-ins

Send email from Outlook and/or Gmail to automatically create Topics and/or Tasks or Conversations inside your Ryver.

(We use the Chrome plug-in all the time here at Ryver HQ. We’ve been begging the development team to bring support to Outlook. And now we’re just a few days away from release.)

Enhanced Notifications

Notifications will keep getting better in direct response to our users requests.

And more…

That’s not everything we’ve got in the works. Not by a long shot. But that oughta whet your appetite.