Ryver Upgrade FAQ

What about users of Ryver who don’t want to pay anything?


If you have more than 6 users and choose not to upgrade, then on March 30th, Ryver will become “read-only” for you and your team.

Another approach would be to disable all but 6 users.

With read only,  you’ll still have access to all your existing data. .  You just won’t be able to add anything. No new chats, topics, tasks, users or files.

For those who choose to decline this offer, we will miss you.

If you ever decide to use Ryver again, you can pick right back up where you left off. We won’t delete your Ryver organization or your data.

Do you have an EXPORT function for Ryver Data?

No we don’t.  No product on the market imports Ryver data.  (Most don’t import data from any other product.) If we spent our resources to write an export, you still couldn’t import to another product without another big technical effort costing a lot of time and money. 

Instead – if you decide not to upgrade – we made Ryver “read only” so you would still have access to all your data and files in a format that you are familiar with. And you can always pick up right where you left off if you choose to come back to Ryver after trying something else.

Hey, Tasks seems to be working now even though I haven’t paid for it. Is that supposed to happen?

Yes. We enabled tasks for everyone. That’s how Ryver works now. Unlimited users. Unlimited tasks. Unlimited storage. One low price.

Didn’t you say that team communication works best when it is free?


That is true. And from the beginning I’ve had one consistent message:

The cost of adding new users to your team communications should always be free.

Who wants to make a budget request every time you need to add a new user or build a new team? Nobody. And so team communications suffers because of the cost of adding people to the team.

That’s why we introduced flat-rate pricing.

With Ryver, you never hesitate to invite new users or guests to be part of the conversation.  You simply add them. Flat-rate pricing saves you time, reduces frustration, makes your teams a lot more effective.

Oh, and it saves you a TON of money. For example…

The average Ryver customer has 41 users.  Our competition would charge you between $320 and $820 per month for a team that size.  And they’d keep charging you for every new user you add.

With Ryver, you pay one price no matter how many users you add.

Why do you let 6 users have Ryver for Free?


Big companies always start as little companies. We want those little companies to start out using Ryver. And as they get bigger, they’ll already know how insanely productive Ryver makes them.

You can think of our 6 user version as a free trial with no expiration date.

Some people will know within 10 mins that Ryver is exactly what they need.

Others will let a small group use Ryver for months before they decide it will work for them on a bigger scale.

Either way, once they grow past 6, they’ll know that $99/month is a complete no-brainer.

Why would a small company ever need more than 6 users?


Seems like a fair question. Our average Ryver customer has 41 users.

Yet most of that number aren’t employees of the company. They are contractors, vendors, partners, advisors. And Customers.

A better question would be: “How can you hope to build a successful company with less than 6 relationships?”

Think of all the relationships any successful organization must have:

  1. Customers
  2. Employees
  3. Contractors
  4. Advisors
  5. Partners
  6. Vendors

When more stakeholders participate in the conversation, everyone benefits. Each person brings their experience, knowledge and wisdom to the problem. And that has been proven to get you better results.

It’s a phenomenon known as The Wisdom of Crowds.

Here’s a suggestion:

Invite your most important customers into the discussions that matter to them. Work on projects together in Ryver. Let them interact with the whole team.

You’ll be amazed. Ryver is 10 times better than email.  

Can you really make money charging only $99/month?



Our revenues are growing  and I expect to be profitable late this year. In fact, I need to hire more engineers right now to keep up with the demands of our mission-critical customers.  

We have an Enterprise version almost ready for release. It will sell for a higher price to bigger companies with bigger needs.

And over the rest of this year we will introduce  two dramatic upgrades to Ryver. These will be total game-changers in the way people Get Big Sh#t Done!

How are other organizations using Ryver?


Slash Email Traffic

This past week, a  customer raved to me about how Ryver has changed his company. They installed Ryver just 3 months ago. Already,  his “internal email traffic” is down by 80%. He has 280 people. That’s a lot of email.

Better Listening – Not Just More Talking

Today, you never know who might possess the answer to a difficult problem.  Corporate knowledge needs to be spread to all the places where it’s needed. Email no longer gets the job done.

With Ryver, you never have to worry about the cost of adding a user. So our customers build larger networks faster.

Everyone can see what is happening.  People aren’t merely talking more. They are listening more and understanding better. Information is no longer in little silos where many people have to guess what is going on

I’m on the annual 5 task user or 15 task user plan. Can I upgrade and take advantage of the unlimited discount?


Yes, if you go to Billing and upgrade to the Unlimited plan, you will get a credit for the time remaining on your current plan, and will just pay the difference for the annual unlimited plan.

Why do you need more programmers?


We consider “speed” a critical feature. If you’ve been using Ryver for a while, you might have noticed something: Ryver was getting slower and slower.

Ryver has become a mission-critical application for most of our customers. They use it continuously throughout the day.  And those customers demand speed. Yet our growth was straining both our software and hardware architecture.

We had to fix that. Over the last three months, about 50% of our programmer time has been spent resolving the technical issues that were slowing down Ryver’s speed.

This speed issue has now been fixed. (Yay!) You’ll notice that Ryver is once again very fast.  

That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is this: while we focused on fixing the speed issues, many other features we have promised, waited in the wings.  

And that’s why our team needs to be bigger. We want to keep up with growth at the same time we are building new product features.