Ryver Raves


I was a little skeptical, but I am really enjoying Ryver right now.Justin Sturgis

We’ve been loving Ryver!Rachel Geng

We have recently started deploying Ryver instead of Slack within our offices and we find it great.Riccardo Donini

We chose to use RYVER as a communication platform with our guests.Oceane Cirodde

As companies grow and have much larger enterprise customers, the constraints increase — bigger release cycles, which also means a culture of slower development unfortunately. It’s always a challenge to keep a good balance, but you guys are doing it right IMO!Roy Nasser

I’m really enjoying using Ryver and I can understand your point of view. We are a startup accelerator in Brazil and we are recommending Ryver for all startups we talk to.Wesley Almeida
Loving Ryver, thanks for a great product!Ian Reyes, CEO, IECASA

Loving Ryver so far.Danial Huhn

I love your product. We believe that you are going to be one of the top tools in the communication software space.Reid Burroughs

We are using Ryver after migrating from Slack and loving it so far.Paul Lesurf

Awesome! I love that your business model is not subscription based. And team communication is free. We have about 15k staff and adding more in the future. Thanks for creating this app. I was a Slack user but decided to move my team here.Nicco Joselito

My tribe and I just switched from Slack and we’re loving Ryver. You guys have a great service there. It didn’t take us long to settle in and figure things out and we’re really enjoying our new home.Alli
I’ve enjoyed using your app on my windows desktop.Paul March

Your software is great.Ronny van Heel

Hi! I love Ryver. I just changed my group over from google groups (so old fashioned). Thank you for Ryver. My team love it already.Ayesha Hilton

It’s really a pleasure to work with Ryver!Romy

I LOVE Ryver. Well done on a great product. I’ve actually successfully moved a couple of my freelance clients away from Slack to Ryver.Michael Wheatley

Ryver is an amazing service, so thank you all for your work!CÈsar GarcÌa

Great application btw!James Selvey

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