Ryver Feature Tutorials

Personal Task Manager Overview 4:04

Create personal tasks for yourself in list or board view and create checklists, add tags and due dates.

Team Communication Overview 7:47

You have many ways to converse with your team in Ryver: Chat, Topics, Direct Messages and conversations inside Tasks.

I got invited to Ryver. Now what do I do? 11:09

Join open or private group discussions that have been created by the organizer and private direct messaging with others in the organization. Share files and communicate instant message and/or email style through Chat and Posts. Browser, desktop and mobile.

A Member? Or a Guest? 4:24

Are there people outside your organization you want to be a part of your Ryver, but want to limit their access to specific conversations? Invite them in as a Guest.

Create Open Forums & Private Teams 4:34

Have a group you would like to communicate with privately? A Board of Directors for example, or the Finance Department? Create a Private Team and then invite just those people who need to participate.

Turn a Disorganized Chat into a Topic  6:53

Sometimes, it’s hard to follow a conversation in chat. It’s like being dropped into the middle of raging river.  In Ryver, you can convert those chats into Topics – easy-to-follow threaded conversations.

The Ryver Chrome Extension 2:13

Create a Ryver Post from any gmail message (including all of the responses!) and then have a conversation about it inside Ryver. You can do the same thing with Google Drive and web pages.

Multi-Account Switcher 2:38

Do you belong to more than one Ryver account and want to switch easily between them? Take a few seconds to set up the Account Switcher and move effortlessly among all your Ryver accounts.

Post and Comment Actions 5:48

Upvote or downvote to show confirmation of receipt, consensus, or for polling purposes. Set a reminder to read later. Edit, delete, or “reply” to a comment to clarify what you are responding to.

Share Dropbox Files with Your Ryver Teams 2:38

You have Dropbox to store your important info. What if you could communicate better with people, share files easier, and manage tasks and projects all in one application? Here’s how.

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