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What are Ryver Event Communities?

Ryver Event Communities are ordinary Ryver accounts that event planners create for launching free, online event-oriented communities of any type or size.

Why does my event need its own Ryver?

Nothing builds excitement and community like a live event. Use Ryver to amplify and extend the experience.

  • Build pre-event momentum and participation
  • Use real-time group communication during your event for maximum impact
  • Enable real-time feedback, polling, commentary, and debate
  • Participants engage with you more, with other participants more, they receive higher value, and are more likely to return to subsequent events
  • Foster post-event community, networking, and social bonds
  • Create continuity between annual events

How big are Ryver Event Communities?

From 2 to a billion people.

Well actually, two might be a little lonely and we’ve never actually had a billion (yet), but the main thing is that Ryver communities work great for small groups AND giant communities with thousands of concurrent, active participants.

What does “Unlimited” mean?

Without naming names (okay, Slack) some “free” communities are severely limited unless you’re willing to pay A LOT of money. Not so with Ryver.

Ryver’s free Event Communities have:

No Ads Unlimited Users Unlimited Guests Unlimited Teams Unlimited Chats Unlimited Posts Unlimited Search Unlimited Data
Slack to Ryver Migration Tool

Import all of your Slack Users, Channels and Channel Messages. Here’s how.

Free? How does that work exactly?

Ryver’s Team Communication product is 100% free. We will soon launch integrated Task Management and other tools that we charge a modest amount for. These upgrades will support our business going forward.

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