10 Things Every Successful Entrepreneur Needs To Know

Pat Sullivan delivers the goods. Quick read, great insights.

– Geoffrey Moore, Author, Crossing the Chasm

Pat Sullivan was twice named Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. He was also named one of the “80 Most Influential People in Sales and Marketing History,” among Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Jack Welch and Bill Gates by Sales and Marketing Management. He is the Co-Creator of ACT!, founder of SalesLogix and CEO and Co-Founder of Ryver.

In “10 Keys to Entrepreneurial Success From A Two-Time Entrepreneur of the Year,” Pat shares the secrets that helped make ACT! the best selling contact manager, and took SalesLogix from nothing to $108 million in revenue in just five years. You’ll learn real-world lessons from Pat’s personal experience and success.

These are the 10 Keys Pat spent a lifetime learning, and what he believes every entrepreneur needs to succeed.

I love being an entrepreneur and the life it’s given me. I hope what I’ve written here will help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams the same way they helped me achieve mine.

- Pat Sullivan, ``10 Keys to Entrepreneurial Success From A Two-Time Entrepreneur of the Year``

If you want to grow your business, this book is a must read.

Gerhard Gschwandtner, Selling Power

10 Keys’ is chock full of advice from a proven entrepreneur

Rich Bohn, sellmorenow.com

Pat Sullivan

Was co-creator and CEO of ACT!, The Best Selling Contact Manager. Founder and CEO of SalesLogix The Leading Mid Market CRM Two time winner of Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Co-founder and CEO of Ryver, The Best Team Communications that is FREE.

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